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Cadera Group is a leading firm in the field of
Training, IT & enhancing technologies.

We are a dedicated team of brilliant people which include engineers, scientists, teachers and technical people. Our motivation towards IT field, mechanical and electrical & electronics field is the advancement of IT strategy with the help of latest technology tools.vices and manufacturing.

We basically provide software, machine designing and electrical & electronics manufacturing. services and manufacturing.

Our services include Application software development, advanced education services and professional consulting services and manufacturing.

We work on the ERP system for the Organizations. Our e-learning management system includes administration, training management, a library of media elements, templates, virtual classroom, application sharing, instant messaging, project management tools and quality assurance tools. We take care of your technology issues providing excellent Services so that you can focus on growing your business.

We provide our services to worldwide clients at the globally competitive low cost. We carry out all services related to electrical and electronic goods manufacturing for our clients. Our main work is to facilitate with advanced technology services to the academic organizations.

Our purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and to manage the connections to outside stakeholders. Our Mission is to provide the quality Services to our clients with full satisfaction and to discover new ideas of Learning and Education development through our best efforts.

Reliable, efficient delivery
powered by technology

Cadera helps companies create value with high-quality
custom software, trainings delivered on demand


Monitors activity to identify
project risks.


Scans our talent network to create
the optimal team for your project.


Uses data from past projects
to provide better delivery estimates.

  • The Company was founded in the year 2013 by the technical people with a big vision.
  • Maintains a Phenomenal growth.
  • Stopples delivery and quality assurance of many Successful projects to many clients.
  • A dedicated team of good Software Professionals and Manufacturing Masters.
  • Good relationship management to the clients or customers.
  • Achiever of phenomenal success in the field of education and Resource Planning.
  • Provides ERP based Solutions to the Academic institutions and Organizations.
  • Centralized learning and development center with an infrastructure to support custom development services and smooth process. Our top services include Customized Learning Solutions and Web based application development, Server handling and ERP implementation with 24X7 supports. Training
  • Established in India in the year 2013. Has ongoing projects on designing in Siemens, Denmark.
  • IT & education consulting, custom designing, development, deployment of software applications, electronics &electricals, manufacturing & light enhancing technologies.

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